Benefit and HRIS Portals

4myBenefits provides a variety of benefit and HR systems for both small and large employers. All 4myBenefits systems are web-based, eliminating the need for costly servers and IT infrastructure. Online, employees can access personalized information on their benefits, complete an enrollment or change, access documents, lookup physcians and dentists, and more. Administrators can manage eligibility, broadcast information, and automate repetitive tasks and workflows.

  • Communicate benefits online
  • Improve access for employees and families
  • Eliminate costly paper materials
  • Boost understanding and awareness
  • Reduce frequent and distracting benefit and HR questions
  • Improve HR efficiency with dedicated tools
  • Track eligibility, elections
  • Increase compliance
  • Workflow automation tools streamline common tasks

Enrollment Services and EDI

Powered by technology in use with over 1 million employees, 4myBenefits Enrollment solutions have a proven track record of success. Our solutions are sophisticated enough to meet the needs of a multi-state corporation, yet economical even for small employers. Electronic enrollment dramatically reduces costs and errors, improves overall turnaround, and streamlines the benefits administration process.

  • Automate open and ongoing enrollments
  • Eliminate legibility issues
  • Prevent employees from submitting incomplete information
  • Send Eligiblity feeds to providers eliminate time consuming data entry
  • Dramtically reduce expensive enrollment communication materials
  • Improve overall turnaround
  • Unburden administrators with employee self service
  • Offer both core and voluntary enrollments
  • Provide multi-lingual and call center options
  • Integrate with Payroll and HRIS platforms

Benefits Administration

From technology platforms to fullfillment and outsourcing options 4myBenefits offers a variety of benefits administration solutions that are tailored to your needs and your budget.

  • Bill auditing eliminates costly errors
  • Consolidated billing simplifies administration
  • Reduce costs through dependent audits
  • Outsource retiree benefits billing and fullfillment